How To Prepare Your Home For Winter

Picture of a North Carolina City during the winter.

When it comes to weather, if you live in our great state of North Carolina, you know you’ll get all four seasons! Where you live in the state though, could determine just how much of each season you get, and you certainly need to be ready for each. Winter time in North Carolina poses some of the more extreme dangers when talking weather impacts. Our state is susceptible to snow and icy conditions from the mountains right down to the coast, so what do you do to prepare for it? Below are just a few ideas to get you thinking about what to do and when to do it.

Lets start on the roof, you’ll want to make sure any leaks you may notice are promptly addressed and fixed, if you’re unsure if you may have a leak, contact a local professional and ask for a roof inspection. Don’t forget about your gutters either. If you home has gutters and you have trees nearby, its a good possibility that during the fall you collected some leaves or other tree debris that could have clogged your downspouts. You’ll want to make sure those are clear to avoid water in the form of snow/ice from melting next to or potentially under your shingles, which could lead to water intrusion into your home.

Shows clogged gutters, even with gutter covers you'll need to clean off the debris.

Service your heating unit! regardless of the source of heat, when the season changes it’s always a great idea to contact a professional to service and check your heat/air systems. This is especially important for those with wood burning stoves! Have someone clean out the chimney, especially if you don’t know or can’t remember the last time it was cleaned. A fire in the chimney can quickly destroy your entire home and all your possessions within. If you use gas, those can and should be serviced as well, to include your tank and the piping that feeds the home.

Moving inside, look for light that might be showing through the edges of your exterior doors during the day, make sure to seal those to reduce the air flowing into and out of the home. Windows are another drafty spot, if you notice a draft in your windows you’ll want to have them sealed or wrapped to prevent the cold air from seeping in (or hot air from seeping out).

Flip the switches on your ceiling fans. Most ceiling fans have a switch on the body that will change the direction the blades spin in a clockwise direction to create an updraft pushing heated air down into your living space.

Shows the switch on the side of the fan. You flip the switch when seasons change from summer to winter and from winter to summer.

Lastly, if you know there is a high probability you’ll receive snow or ice, make sure you have a shovel or melting salts on hand. If you’re new to the state, ask your neighbors, friends, colleagues, or family you may have in the state. Not a bad idea to make a plan should you lose power, so shelf stable foods, batteries, and water bottles aren’t a bad idea. Just remember the best time to prep for winter in NC is before winter gets to your area!

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